If you are stressed & want more hours in your day, read this!


4 Smart Ways to Increase Your “Career Intelligence” or IQ.

IQ accounts for about 50% of your success, and self-improvement, such as positive thinking, goal-setting, time management, character development, gets the other 50%. Intelligence is your ability to think BIG!

1. Be a lifelong learner.

Study history, science, psychology, art, languages, math, music, etc. Learn how this world works. Read at least 1 book a week. Or if you are auditory, listen to audiobooks, podcasts, and if you are visual, watch educational films and documentaries. Keep training your brains’ muscles. Use your local library for free and ask us for suggested readings and free resources

2. Do regular cardio exercise.

Walking, jogging, running, hiking, climbing, biking, swimming, skating, dancing, skiing, yoga, etc. The release of endorphins that sends your brain into overdrive and makes you happier

3. Learn an instrument, or play music, and or sing!

It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at it. Music is healing and therapeutic, releases more endorphins, and releases more of your creativity! And success requires creativity 🙂

4. Play a game.

For example: “IQ by Carolyn Skitt”