Is There An App For That?

In the digital age we live in today, information is being thrust upon us at a rate which has never before been seen in history. Many people feel the need to be ‘connected’ at all times and struggle to part company even for a short time with their mobile phones, laptops and tablets. This constant flow of information can be a huge source of stress for people as many feel that they must respond immediately to messages or must know what the latest news is on their social media accounts at all times. This constant connectivity can lead to ‘information overload’ where you may end up stressed and tired.

I came across this article the other day; ‘8 After-Work Apps to Melt Your Stress Away’. Now, I don’t necessarily agree that all of the apps mentioned in the article will help you to de-stress; in fact, I think some of the apps such as those related to dating are probably creating a new source of possible anxiety, but it got me to thinking; knowing how ‘connected’ we tend to be, are there apps out there that will actually help to manage your stress?


Time management or being able to remember and fit in the tasks you need to do each day can be a big source of stress. There are some apps available that will help you to manage your daily tasks and keep structure in your day. Wonderlist is an example of an app that can help you manage daily tasks. It is cloud-based so can be accessed anywhere and will help you manage to-do lists, notes, sharing of events and setting of event reminders.

Money is also a common culprit behind everyday stress. Knowing exactly where you stand financially and having a good record of your finances and budget set up is a great system for preventing you from stressing about the unknown (or stressing because you forgot a bill payment!). Mint is a great app for tracking finances. While it is commonly used for personal finances, it is also a great tool for professionals and freelancers to keep track of income and expenditure. You can even track business purchases so that you are prepared come tax-return time.

Stressed about being caught in traffic on the way to work? Yes there is an app for that! While it won’t conveniently move the traffic out of your way, it will help you to plan ahead for your journey and be prepared in terms of what time you should leave home and what route you should take. Waze is an app that is community-based and has more than 30 million users. Users help generate up-to-date information on road conditions and it allows you to use voice-guided navigation on your journey.

These are just a sample of some of the apps available which may help you to manage areas of your life which are a cause for stress. There are plenty more out there so keep an eye out for further suggestions in upcoming posts!