Les Gordon

Simply the Best – That’s what I get from myself with a RoR Coach. I have been able to improve my personal power through the clarity I receive from the coaching. My coach directs me to keep focused on the Important Rocks in my life and Here are my Results through Reasons or Results Coaching:
Organized structure so that I am In control of what I choose to do (or not do).
I spend quality time with my 3 boys and rarely miss a school or sporting event. My relationship with my wife of 11 years has reached new heights of understanding and openness. We support each other as members of the same team working together – it hasn’t always been like that! My coach keeps me on track with my business and ensures I keep responsible for my communication. The Jars work miracles just as T Harv Eker said they would and i am now an excellent manager of my money with a massive passive income supporting my life. I have never felt so organized, so much in control of my life. I have learned to utilize technology that is easy and invisible to support all I need to do and handle in my full life.
Every day I am getting better and better with my Balance and Focus. At times it is challenging to be held accountable, but it’s worth the results I have achieved, the clarity and the peacefulness, and for me being the best I can be.
Les Gordon

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