Let The Celebration Continue!

December is a month of celebrations…

I’m excited this week to share some pictures and videos from my recent birthday celebration!


You can check out some of the videos here…

My Birthday Dance Performance

Happy Birthday Song and Sparkling Cake

The Triplets Sing “I want to hold your hand”

“O Sole Mio” sung by Andria Litto

Roger (from LA’s biggest music store) performs a song he wrote!

Angel’s ashes in the beautiful ocean and this thoughtful gift from a guest that was placed on the bow of the boat to protect our cruise: Angel Poster

Thank you sweet kitty Angel for the beautiful sunset!

I feel lucky that I was able to celebrate it with family, friends and business associates, and I’m grateful to the universe for allowing me to share the celebration with you too!  ❤️

I spent exactly 20 great years in Italy and another great 20 here in the U.S., and I’m now looking forward to the next 80 years of fun, with you all, all over the world!

*Life comes with challenges but the ? always prevails.

*Everything is magnificent when you have trusted and lovely friends, like you, by your side!

*May the vastness of the ? bring you all the best.

*Happy holidays, happy 2016 ending and 2017 beginning!

I love you all! XO


Dr. Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power

P.S. I’ll have a featured article in February issue of The Eden Magazine, so keep an eye on your inbox for an update.  Looks like we’ll be celebrating in the New Year too!  😉