Mindset and Coaching Podcast

This is a podcast that I did with Michael Silvers from The Academy of Accountability & Coaching.

In the podcast I shared some secrets on winning mentality. Click below to listen to the entire podcast…

Winning Mindset Podcast with Dr Elena Pezzini

Interesting facts about Dr Elena Pezzini

Favorite quote:

“If you want something, go get it!”

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It’s important to release…

When you ‘release’ rather than ‘lose’ something, it comes from a more accepting mindset. For example, ‘release’ weight – the mind doesn’t want to ‘lose’ anything and can make you go back to how you were.

Make a decision…

Dr Pezzini made a decision to reinvent herself and move forward. She really learnt the truth behind “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

What drives Dr Pezzini…

To leave a legacy behind and a positive impact on Earth. It’s about being around good people and creating a ‘dream team’, then being able to give back from research learnings.

What can listeners do?

Remember you can be anyone you want to be! Reinforce that with daily declarations.

About Dr Pezzini

Dr Pezzini moved from Italy to the States to pursue her Ph.D. in Organizational Development, and Certifications in Hypnosis & Coaching. She has worked as a business psychologist for many Fortune 100 companies and celebrities.

For Procter & Gamble, Dr Pezzini delivered hundreds of hour training programs on diversity-awareness and work-from-home skills to thousands employees at all levels. As a result, job satisfaction and retention increased by 85%, and employee stress reduced by 1/2. In two years, sales improved 80%.

Dr Pezzini understands that people have the power to overcome great obstacles. She grew up in a rural area where education was not highly valued, and where her ambitions were met with abuse. Having built her career and wealth by herself, Dr Pezzini is committed to empowering her clients so that they too can live their wildest dreams.