More Secrets About Relations

If you look at any Gestalt image that shows two possible image interpretations, what shows up for you
is your point of view. Both images are there all the time, but the difference is how you perceive them.
Discipline your mind for thirty-one days to different ways of perceiving. We’re all connected. Deep
seeded fears show up in romantic relationships. Women’s most common fear is to be not attractive
enough. Men’s most common fear is not to be successful enough. If women do the work for men, they
become their mothers.

If threatened, women can become mean.

Men tend to have an on/off switch only, such as pleasing/not pleasing or winning/losing. A man doesn’t
always believe in himself.
Women want romance, cuddling, someone to listen to them babble on and on.
Men want sex. A confident woman turns men on, such as her movements. It’s energy at the cellular
When a woman is upset about a little thing, it is best to distract her. Take her somewhere new for a
Your mind follows your body. Look in the mirror, head to toes, and say: “I love you.”
Most people need to wake up. We’re living in a trance. We need to get a new dream. Most of us are not
relating to other people.

First Law of Communication
· PRESENCE — Being here in the MOMENT. Notice if you’re here. Attention means intention to be here.

Second Law of Communication
· SPACE –Create the space first to ensure connection or the experience that you’re with someone.
· Everything takes up space whether you see it or not, such as language, ideas, experiences.
o Cats can see things we can’t see.
o Anger takes a lot of space. Joy dissipates space.
o Most of us are filled up all the time because we think it’s our natural state. We have to create SPACE.
You can see if people are full.
o You can’t put two things in the same space at the same time, as they cancel each other out.

Awareness is the discipline to stay conscious. What are you thinking? Express and journal patterns and
trends in your behavior. Be aware of your feelings, thoughts, of what triggers them, and what brings up
anger. We are our own teachers. Energy flows through all of us — rocks, trees, and at the center of the
DNA of all life forms.

If you hold a thought in the energy field, then that thought will manifest itself. The Universe feels it, as it
is the source of all creative manifestation.

Thank you.

Dr Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power, Inc.
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