Multi-million dollar relations

How was your week?

Our week has been full of loving and positive initiatives!

In honor of the month of Love / Valentine, we would like to invite you to self reflect on love, your love, and relations.
In professional coaching, we explore your relationship with things, everything, anything, such as:

  • time
  • money
  • weight
  • technology
  • etc.

Your own relationship with yourself reflects on all your other relationships with others and other things!

The relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have!

Here are some best practices for having fulfilling relationships:

#1: How is the relation with yourself?

So, for instance:

  • Are you a loving person?
  • Do you take care of yourself, your body, your mind?
  • Are you disciplined?
  • Do you take on responsibilities, or do you blame things or others?
  • Are you learning something new everyday, or do you complain?
  • Do you drink enough water, or not?
  • Do you keep organized, or are you messy?
  • etc

What’s coming up for you?

#2: Now think about the relationships with the people around, how can you describe them?

To get to know yourself better, you will also find free shorter version of scientific tests online, such as:

Share with your coach, coaches and your accountability buddies in your facebook groups and share it with us in our social pages here.

Foster relationships of a lifetime, relations that support your dreams, and help you fulfill your life vision!