Peng Joon

Three months ago, I was doing very well running a 7 figure internet business. I was in my comfort zone. But I realized that there was still something missing in the pursuit of my career.

I have a strong ambition to be a trainer, to be able to teach others how to make money online.

Making the Stage gave me the belief that I can speak in front of a large audience, which in the past, I lacked the confidence. Reasons or Results coaching held my hand the whole way and literally forced me to take action.

Today, I just completed my first speaking gig with Success Resources at the Social Media and Real Transactions (SMART) Congress.
It was a blast and I felt like a celebrity! I had dozens of people coming up to thank me, inspired and convinced that I would make a difference in their lives.

Not only did I get paid handsomely for it, but this gave me the fulfillment that I had longed for.

I would have not have gone this far if not for Harv and my coach Elena.

Always grateful,
Peng Joon, Malaysia