Practical Stress Management Tools For The Office Worker


We tend to spend a lot of time at work, so it’s only natural that work can be the scene of much of the stress we experience! Working in an office environment is fraught with all kinds of stressors, depending on what your personal tolerance of stress is. But if you want to make life just a little easier on yourself, there are a few practical tools you can implement to manage or reduce stress…

1. Set up your work station correctly

… and by correctly I mean to reduce strain on various parts of your body which can occur from working in the same position for hours on end. The Mayo Clinic identified a 7 point guide for correct office ergonomics. If you follow correct set-up procedures for your desk, at least you can reduce stress from neck, back and wrist pain.

2. Reduce clutter

You know that antsy feeling you can get if you’re trying to get work done and there is mess or clutter around? A clean, organized work station helps you to keep an organized and clear mind. Use good filing systems, color coding etc and see how your focus improves!

3. Move!

You’ve heard before of the benefits that exercise can have for not only your physical health, but managing your stress levels – break up the time spent sitting at a desk by taking regular breaks to stretch and move. If you find it difficult to remember, set a timer! You could also try changing positions such as using a standing desk or adjusting your current desk so that you are able to work while standing.

4. Take your breaks

Not just for moving, but actual breaks (such as your lunch), where you can change your environment for a while, take a walk, hydrate and eat. It is amazing how even a 15 minute break can refresh you enough to give a new vigor to your work. A change in environment is often all it takes to give some perspective to any challenges you are facing and come up with new solutions.

5. Be social

There’s more to Friday night drinks or the company picnic than having a few beverages – social time with your colleagues is a great stress reliever by helping to cultivate relationships and a team environment. Bonding over shared experiences is a great way to put things into perspective or to share advice with each other. It also helps if you feel that you have colleagues who you can turn to if needed!

Do you work in an office environment?
How do you manage stress at work? Let us know below…