Relationships With Pets

· There is a source of energy within us and our pets.· They don’t judge us. They just look at our hearts.

· It is a dog’s responsibility to make you feel guilty about not giving him enough biscuits, trips in the car,
scratches, rubs, etc.

· Don’t pat their head. Rub or massage it instead.

· Horses and dogs need regular chiropractic care.

· Cats benefit from holistic acupuncture.

· Horses are not engineered to carry weight.

· Pets reflect our emotions. Like us, they store issues in their tissues. This is curable with energy work.

· Divorce or death can lead to the development of autoimmune diseases due to rejection or self

· The mutual love keeps us connected. Most likely, you get the same pet back after death.

· All pets go to “heaven.” They are not brainwashed with fears. Pets have short lives because they love
being young. They will always be in your life.

· What is believed is that with euthanasia, pets go to sleep for 10-90 seconds, pop out of their bodies,
do the wet dog shake, and come back. The essence of the pet will go into your new pet. With source all
things are possible, and energy can be distributed into two pets.

· Cats in nursing homes will sit vigil with a resident who is near death for the rush of joy when someone
leaves their body.

· You can’t make a horse do something they don’t want to do.

· Pets teach you to love yourself unconditionally, to connect to your heart, and learn to love yourself.

· When cats pee outside the litter box, they are mad. In this case, use homeopathic flower remedies.

· You are able to communicate telepathically with your pet, without verbal language, but with pictures in
your mind, or thoughts and feelings.

· Thoughts are things.

· Pets could bite if there is too much static from petting them.

· Pets who suffer of hyperthyroidism, an auto-immune disease, or self- loathing think they must have
done something wrong.

· Appreciate their boundaries of not wanting to be touched when they don’t want to be touched.

· It is ok to call and leave messages on answering machines.

· Cats use claws for orientation and covers. Don’t declaw them but use holistic medicine instead.

· If they misbehave, use squirt bottles or flower remedies that you can buy online.

· For arthritis, use herbal pain relief. If their back legs cave, use chiropractors.

· Tremors of back legs mean leg pain which needs chiropractic care or acupuncture.

· Pets are more connected to spirit. They try to get under the bed just before earthquake. They are less
in our heads, but more in tune with vibrational energy.

Thank you.

Dr. Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power, Inc.
You Got The Power, non profit organization
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