Secrets for Successful Relations and Relationships

· Personal growth takes time.
· Don’t sweat the small stuff – forget it!

1. Shift of Recognition — something I need to do, let go of. Change the patterns that do not serve me
2. Shift of Remembrance is my true assignment or my promise to keep.
3. Shift of Return Remembrance is wholeness, a center, loving innocence, emotional courage, the right
relationship with everything.

· Be truly ready to make a shift. Say; “I am ready to make a shift NOW!” Make it so!
· A shift means:
o No turning back
o Vibrational shift
o Transformation (versus change)
o Permanent, such as building a new house versus moving the furniture

Transmission is the theory that shifts us.

How can I make a difference? What difference am I making? What is my consciousness doing, or feeling?
HOW am I showing up?
· It’s not about legislating a difference.
· Do not diminish yourself because by being alive you are making a difference.
· How did you get here? You do not have to be perfect to share your wisdom. Heal yourself. Save the
world. Become a VIBRATIONAL BLESSING for others. You are here for something important. Say, “THE
· Your love is shifting things all the time. You need to vibrate love which creates a VORTEX of vibrating

Child vs. Adult
“I want it”: recognition, admiration, etc. Shift to: The world is waiting for MY love. The Universe is
waiting for my help.

· Be part of the shift and do the WORK inside.

· What can I “get” vs. What can I “give.”

· People are not watching you; they are FEELING you.

· Words always have vibrations behind them. “What can I get from you?” vs. “What can I give to you?”

· Relationships are based on contraction or expansion. When expanded, you expand. When contracted,
then you contract, as energy is blocked: “I don’t have enough,” “You did this wrong.”

· Expansion creates space and things come in.

· You only have ONE Relationship, and that is with yourself!

· All others are mirrors that you are the product of, the lens through which the message must pass.

· Words are just intellectual. There is a vibrational package piggybacked: YOU.

· The transformation for the inside/outside gets distorted by your STUFF, such as, who shows up with
you and what energies are not serving you. You cannot bypass YOU. You have to do the WORK to get to

· The time for that great shift has come. “Am I ready to do the work?”Open your heart, heal the
contraction, honor your love, and present.

· What is love? The purpose of a relationship is NOT to make you happy. It is to make you GROW. Your
partner becomes your teacher and helps you to grow.

· It does not take much courage to have a relationship but it does take courage to love deeply, to walk
the path of deep consciousness together, to know all of you and be the confident adult vs. the terrified

· Relationship is the greatest teacher.

· When you meet someone and fall in love, it feels like shit. That’s love. Marriage is not a noun; it is a
verb. It is the way you treat your partner every single day. It is an energetic reality every day, recreated
each moment as two vibrational beings.

· Emotional tension builds up through childhood and adulthood. Emotional tension is earthly energy.

Emotional Programming
50% by 5 yrs
80% by 8 yrs
95% by 15 yrs
5% you use to shift

· Begin to pierce through the walls and hit your partner’s walls.

· It is so important to do the work.

· Everything that ever happened to you registers on your emotion scale of 1-10. Murder =10. Someone
takes your parking space =1.
o You may react with a 6 even though the incident is a 1 due to emotional baggage. We tend to
exaggerate and have emotional flashback.

· Going back and clearing out that stuff.
· Bring in love. Most of us are love-starved – not having our hearts fed. We try to fill up with other things
– alcohol, shopping, work, etc.
· How do we know? Because we are irritable, tired, and obsessed.
· We all need to be fulfilled.
· Make a deposit to your love bank such as your children, friends, and yourself.

3 Secret Needs:
1. To feel connected
2. To feel safe
3. To feel valued

The real shift has to happen inside. The 3 As:
1. Attention
2. Affection
3. Appreciation

Ask, “How can I love you more?” That is the secret for shifting your relationships.

Share real moments, show your spirit. What will your legacy be? Be a transmitter for others. Invest in
things that matter to you. Do not get caught up in contraction.

Perform seven acts of love this week, such as calling, writing, etc. Make your relationships thrive. May
the work you do be blessed!

Energetic Stages of Relations and Relationships (440 Words)

· The forms of what most people call God are many.
· Superficial passion produces only some income.
· Awake from your slumber of mediocrity.
· Everything is being sourced in your greatest depth, such as the womb of a woman.

· Awaken to who you really are. Life permanently transforms.
· Untangle love from its confusion.
· Love is internal energies, confusion.

Romantic Infatuation – “I feel like I’ve known them forever.” – familiarity
– When hearts are open wide, then there are little contractions.
– Rather than curing yourself, make art out of everything within you.
– Don’t fault your unresolved family dynamics when they do not matter.

Sexual Polarity

– Poles between two strong energies; a spark between them. You have to keep them alive.
– You can cultivate sexual polarity through spiritual erection and through letting yourself bloom.

Real Love
– Is not infatuation.
– The pain of separation is pain in your gut.
– My heart is your heart as one, not as a spiritual idea.
– Ravished open by the great spirit or a higher energy.
– BLISS equals sexual passion and enlightenment.
– Men’s hearts and genitals are separate.
– Sexuality is the key to FINANCIAL Freedom.
– Within each of us, there is masculine and feminine energy.

3 Stages of Relationships

· Prison: Stage of Consciousness

o 1950s – fixed rules, locked into a paradigm, rigid masculinity
– Feminine – “I’ll do anything if you give me security and love.”
– Co-dependent, unhealthy relationships, true spirit locked in

o 1960s – Sexual Revolution / evolution
– Women’s movement – want our own direction, bank accounts
– Started growing in, “I love you, but I don’t need you.”

· Parole

o Independent women – reaction to years of history, but something is deeply missing. Shroud it with
– Men started growing – New Age Flow Guy: “Let me feel.” Energy is depolarized after a time.
– Awaken your deepest purpose – Live it, warrior of the light of consciousness.

· 3rd Stage

– Knows where he is going.
– Brings positive influence into the world.
– Goddess – Opens as goddess of eternity: a blessing, the beauty is enough, the illusion of the 1st and
2nd stage. We have to do something to be free: “One day I’ll get enough love.”
– You cannot get love. You ARE love — light that shines. Love yourself, embrace being a woman. You are
the secret to life on the planet.
– MEN, you are free. You are the eternity that exists. You give freedom; make love a prayer; look beyond
their eyes; channel divinity through you.
– PRISON – “me” moment
– PAROLE – understand each other: no “other.”

Thank you.

Dr Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power, Inc.
You Got The Power, non profit organization
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