Sharing a VERY Personal Letter…

Please read this very personal letter I recently wrote…

To Angel, my animal soulmate,

1998-9/20/2016 ~ 18 years young
An irreplaceable soul, spirit & energy!

I found you @ the San Francisco Bay area Persian Cats rescue, after Thanksgiving 2002.

You stood out, among all cats, with your calm, glow & confidence. The name you came with was Angel; it was appropriate so I kept it. You were 4.

You helped me exit a romance that wasn’t right for me, you were right by my side during our relocation to LA and through the building of my business.

I owe my successes to you and all you taught me with your regal personality, bigger than life 🙂

We travelled the world together: Palm Springs, San Diego, Vegas, Grand Canyon, NYC, Vancouver, Italy & much more.

I made some mistakes as a pet owner and you forgave me in a heartbeat, showering me with unconditional love.

We did everything together, because you followed me like a dog, anything from hiking (in a kangaroo pouch), to singing karaoke, lounging, walking on the leash on the beach, waiting for me in hotel suites while I was @ conferences, or even hiding in a travel bag during work events, so you could be by my side, & more.

You loved meeting and charming all of our family & relatives in Italy, in the US, all our human & animal friends, mommy’s beloved clients and business associates.

You even went completely vegan for a while, to make me happy.

You were so elegant and generous in sharing my love, when I decided to rescue your sister dog Sammy, who was very pup rambunctious at the time. You were so patient & loving while Sam learned obedience, during her teething, while stealing your toys and food! 🙂

You started having health challenges around our last trip to Italy, 3-4 years ago. We visited just about every vet in LA, Western and Eastern medicine. You were very kind and loving with all Doctors and treatments. Your zest for life is second to none!

Despite all the health challenges growing in size and number, you kept thriving and thriving, beating all the odds, and surpassing every1’s expectations by far.

You inspired me to publish a PhD dissertation on the benefits of the human-animal bond, to write a #1 best-selling book on the healing power of animals, join a Silicon Valley company on the topic of “Heart Of All Animals”, & many more accomplishments.

You were always there during my own life challenges, staring at me with your big loving eyes, purring to no end & kissing my face. And your health challenges were way bigger than my life challenges, but you were always happy for no reasons, fully present, positive & trusting the abundant future.

We knew your life, this time around, was coming to an end, but we lived fully and enjoyed every day as our last.

Last weekend, we enjoyed our last strolls on our favorite streets of Santa Monica, and Rodeo Drive & to your favorite pet stores.

The vets & the nurses hinted that it was time, because if we had waited any longer, you would have been in an unbearable amount of physical pain, that no1 deserves.

It rained for a few minutes, during your last full day in this lifetime. No forecast predicted it; it never rains in LA. It was peaceful & cleansing. The Universe was ready to welcome you with unconditional love, the same unconditional love you have for me, life & all living beings.

You waited for me, at the end of a long work day, right by my side, to give you the proper rite of passage, to assist you cross over the rainbow bridge. Without much, if any, notice, some of our friends & family, nurses and Doctors, showed up with open hearts, dressed in white, your color, to help you in this beautiful, and yet heartbreaking, transition. Organic animal shaped cookies & tea, candles, flowers and orchids, sage smudging & sharing memories of you, in a beautiful circle of love & trust, to honor your magnificent immortal soul. We smiled, cried and laughed to celebrate your special life.

You promised me you are coming back somehow and that, from the other dimension, you are the true Angel ambassador guiding the forces to make miracles happen & dreams come true for Mom, your sister Sam, our loved ones, including our families, friends, clients, business associates, the rest of humanity, Nature and the rest of our animal kingdom! 🙂

You are now playing & having fun with all the other animals & human ancestors (long of list for here and you are with all of them) that paved our way, under the rainbow. You may even show them what to do, in line with your old royal personality!

And I do feel you here with me still, every step of the way, with your pure & radiant energy.

Thank you all, our beloved friends, for making your life spectacular, Dr Nicklaus Fox, Dr Fred Eckfeld, Dr Rachel Jones, Maggie Marsh-Kaesemeyer, & all the other lovely Doctors & Nurses who gave you longevity & the life of a Lioness Queen (Simba), that every living being deserves 🙂

Forever yours, with eternal love,

Your Fur Mamma & Sis Sam XO

Angel’s photo album:

Angel’s short video clip:

Some music for your heart & soul:
The Lion King – Circle Of Life

Sarah McLachlan – Angel