I Have a Small Favor To Ask…

Can you please help? Read below…

Dear lovely female readers (or if you’re a man, please forward this to the women you love)…

I am thrilled to offer you a “sneak-peak” of a Global Women’s Network I am involved with as part of the Core Leadership Team. It’s called the HEART OF ALL WOMEN.

We’re launching next week on Facebook but I invite you to check it out TODAY!

www.Facebook.com/HeartofAllWomen <— Click here

Make sure to LIKE the Page, so you will be informed of the unique ways you can engage with women from all around the world with your same passions and interests!

I would love to hear your thoughts on empowering women on a global scale, so feel free to post your ideas on our Facebook Page.

You particularly will want to drop into our “virtual” Woman-to-Woman chats with three extraordinary women next week.

They are not only brilliant business leaders in their fields, they are also beautiful examples of successful feminine leadership.

And I will be one of the Showcase Women the following week, so make sure you LIKE our HEART OF ALL WOMEN page so you can stay in touch.

To Your Success,


Dr. Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power