Sorry I’ve Been Away So Long!

Hello wonderful readers!

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It has been too long since I last wrote to you, and I owe you an update…

I had to move 3 times, and travel internationally for 2 months, just in the last 6 months!

And the moving wasn’t easy because I needed to secure a ground floor home for my Sr. beloved dog, due to her joint issues. The home also had to include a salt water pool so she can do her rehab physio in an eco-friendly way 🙂

While I was in Europe, I spent lots of time focusing on the care of our corporate branch there.

For your Italian speaking friends, please let them know they can make some nice passive income with us AND get access free resources about Wealth Science (Scienza della Ricchezza) at:

And at our US corporate headquarters, we are always looking for interns:

So please refer your student friends who need some excellent and professional experience, with wonderful bonuses and International exposure.

I am now 1 year younger (yes, reverse aging for me 🙂 and wiser. Here’s a video from my birthday celebration with a powerful message for all of us:

And a fun photo for you from the same occasion:

I am training with a Marathon coach, and I’ll be running some great Holiday runs and donating to some animal shelter & rescue charities.

Wikipedia is still giving me a hard time mentioning my Doctoral publication and #1 Amazon Best Seller book, but I’ll get on it eventually.

Please let me know in the Comments below if you have any connection to Huffington Post related journals…those type of interview articles help with getting on Wikipedia.

Whew…that was a lot of updates!!!

There are only 9 weeks left to 2017, so let’s make it a grand finale for this year!

Heaps of love,


Dr. Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power