Steps to Wonderful Relationships


Why be financially successful? To be happier.

What makes people happy? The quality of our relationships.

Small town people who are close to family are usually happier because of the quality of their
connections and communications.

Money, love, and happiness are taught from:

  • Past programming
  • Past conditioning
  • Relationship unconscious blueprints

It is important to focus on ALL Relationships. All your money comes from other people. Nothing has
meaning except the meaning YOU GIVE it. We can see people as good or bad.

Kindness is a habit.

Who are you? What makes you different from everyone else? It is a quality or an emotion. For Mother
Theresa it is poverty, for Bambi it is gentleness and innocence. What do you want to experience in a
relationship? What is a healthy relationship?

You need to unlearn everything that you’ve ever been taught. Everything is what you believe or feel
about yourself. Everything in a relationship begins with you.

Children are born with only two fears: falling and loud noises. They are taught to doubt themselves by
adult care givers.

  • 0-8 years of age: the development of the conscious mind. We are born without subconscious.
  • 5-8 years of age: absorbing everything. We develop our belief system.

You can change the way you feel about yourself or the relationship with yourself.

Forgive the person you have never forgiven, such as for what
they did to you or did not do to you. For instance, maybe your parents did not hug you.

Freedom of Expression

  • Imagine your mother and father together:
    • Distant
    • Arguing
    • Separate
    • Weak
    • Happy

The affection they show toward each other

  • Not displayed
  • Not wanted


See yourself as a small child:

  • Tell children they are safe and say “I love you.”
  • You need to love yourself first, and you need to think you are good enough so you can love someone
  • Every relationship begins with you.

Worst Memories of Female Caregivers:

  • Refused to hug
  • Anger
  • Medications pushed on them for upsets, i.e. dog died

Best Memories of Female Caregivers:

  • Cookie jar surprises
  • Stay home from school to watch movies

Worst Memories of Male Caregivers:

  • Slapping
  • Yelling
  • Stay off the grass
  • Chased with dead bird

Best Memories of Male Caregivers:

  • There is no such thing as a FUNCTIONAL family. Everyone is “screwed up,” but to what extent? Parents were not perfect and we are not perfect.
  • Accept that we all are human beings.
  • Forgive yourself and your parents
  • We play out what we saw or our relationships to Mom & Dad.
  • At a subconscious level, we tend to believe that what we get is what we DESERVE & NO MORE.
  • Law of Deservedness – you get ONLY what your subconscious believes about you and, if you get more, you sabotage it.
  • Look inside of you and see the beauty and not the lies you were taught as children
  • Work on your subconscious beliefs.

Take the online “Relationship Profile Test.”

SEEK BALANCE! Unlearn all the lies. You are worthy. Believe in yourself. You deserve the best of
everything. That is the Truth.

Thank you.

Dr. Elena Pezzini