Stress Reduction: Now there’s an app for that…

In keeping with our increasingly digital society, if you are looking for a way to reduce stress, there is now an app for that.



The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center has developed an app called Healthy Minds which has been designed to help (particularly young people) deal with stress. The app features a daily journal, mood tracker and stress reduction methods.

One of the great ideas behind this app is that it has been developed by professionals and is based on the latest expert research. Of course, there are other apps available out there, but it has to be a good thing that this one is backed by the latest research.

Healthy Minds App is free to download from the iTunes store.

The creation of this app is particularly poignant as it was funded by the Do It For Daron campaign. This was established after the 14 year old daughter of a former coach in the Ottawa area took her own life.

Given that most young people are now using mobile products, hopefully this app will be there at the right time to reach those who need it.

If there is anyone in your life you could do with an extra hand managing stress, perhaps point them towards this new app as one component of their stress management plan.