Tamica Hunt, Dallas, TX, US – April 2007

Tamica Hunt, Dallas, TX, US – April 2007 www.tamicahunt.com
“I have been getting coached since July 2006 by Elena Pezzini. I have really enjoyed the coaching program so far. One of my barriers in life was procrastination and delays. My first phone call with Elena she asked me to make some commitments to complete before our next call. She also requested that I email her my commitments. I was a little off guard by her request, but I know that I am the type of person when I commit or speak on it, I deliver. In the last 5 months, I have been in the hospital, moved apartments and dealing with work issues. Elena supported me throughout my trails and I really appreciated her and respect her for her concern through my trails. At that point I knew that coaching program offered more than what I thought. My coach offered more to me than a Career Coach she was a Life Coach as well. I would still do as many commitments that I could even with the limits that I had going on. She honestly knew where I was coming from; she would tell me that I can only do so much. Her quotes and testimonies encouraged me to keep going strong. Working with Elena has opened up my eyes to more goals and opportunities in life. I am on my way to owning my first business. I am looking into writing a motivational book on life issues and how to overcome obstacles. I am also setting some me time aside. I am looking forward to the rest of the year with Elena. I would like to thank Elena for EVERYTHING; she is truly a friend, mentor, and a Blessing. Much Praise and Thanks,”