The benefits of a Mastermind group, Here my 5 tips


Today I want to talk to you about a very important topic, but above all I want to clarify what a MasterMind group is and why it is so important to participate at least once in a lifetime.

When you develop a new idea you do not know with certainty how to develop it, what strategies to adopt to launch your new project in the market if you are a freelancer or a young entrepreneur you will know very well that it is not easy to process and put into practice all these things effective if you are alone.

From this common need arises the need to create a small group of people who share the same ideals, values, objectives and entrepreneurial spirit, ie a MasterMind

What is a Mastermind?

“Mastermind” was born with Napoleon Hill “Think & Grow Rich”.

Every successful person makes at least 2 a year.

The goal of a MasterMind, in fact, is to bring together a group of few people (otherwise it would become too dispersive) that share goals, ideals, values ​​and similar targets.

In short, it is a brainstorming session, a super focused, concentrated and productive “think tank”.

How to create a group of Mastermind?

The group is essential, especially if you select those people who are related to you.

Each session can take place either on Skype or in a place that facilitates and stimulates concentration and creativity.

Once you find the participants, you just have to start.


Each participant has its time available to show up (about 2-3 minutes each), highlighting a recent victory or victory and bringing to the other participants a current problem.

Once the round of presentations is over, we move on to sharing and solving the problems, the challenges that are presented by each participant.

In this phase it is important to be inclined to accept all the advice that the other participants give you. Take notes, make notes, mind maps like this or even record the MasterMind session.

Making the session more productive and how to take advantage of the session.

My advice:

Advice #1:

Be brief and concise. The time that is lost in the explanation is time lost for questions and insights. Let clarity come from the questions and the deepening of others.

Advice #2:

There are two answers to the reactions of others: “THANK YOU” and “TELL ME MORE”.

The time spent in a debate is time lost for other investigations. Do not share your reasons as to why something will not work, or explanations that you have already tried this. Just say: “OK! Proceed! “

Advice #3:

Make MasterMind sessions of constant appointments in your work calendar. Once the mastermind is finished, you will emerge regenerated and enriched with new ideas, new contacts and new energy to invest in your projects.

Advice #4:

Create a Community on the social networks with the participants of the mastermind: this will help you keep in touch with the group but above all you will create a place to exchange and share ideas, partnerships and to make new acquaintances with people similar to you.

Advice #5:

Always ask and answer these questions in order to make the discussion always active:

  • What is your most important goal?
  • What is the biggest difficulty you had to face and how did you overcome it?
  • What is the greatest difficulty you are facing during this period?
  • What kind of strategies did you use to get where you are now?

The true benefits of the Mastermind once the session is finished you’ll find yourself enriched with new ideas that are completely unthinkable a responsibility, the so-called accountability, grows in you, since you must declare your goals for the week, at each subsequent meeting you are asked to account for the actions you have taken to make them happen.

This fact leads you automatically to be super focused and to do much more than you would do independently, avoiding any form of procrastination.

The experiences and knowledge of your colleagues and coaches are inspiring you can compare yourself with other people from around the world who share with you the will to grow your business, and get each other’s answers and feedback from competent people who are rooting for you, to achieve your goals.

This is because they are people who are in the same situation or who have been there so they can understand and help you in the concrete. 

You have the opportunity to establish working partnerships with those people with whom you felt more in tune.

Do you still have any doubts about participating in one of our Mastermind groups?

>> Participate and achieve your goals!