The Difference Between Success And Mediocrity


Hi, my name is Coach Dr. Elena Pezzini, and among my coachees (or clients), there are Hollywood celebrities and Fortune 100 executives.

All of them, when they started with personal development education and coaching, were not as successful, as they are today.

And still, ALL of them, have not yet achieved the level of success they desire in life.

I want to ask you a simple, but important question…

As of now, because you will be a different person in 5 years, think of whom you consider a mentor, a personal hero, an idol, a person you hold in high regard and admire, a person you want to become, a 10X version of yourself, or a super successful version of self…

Who is that? (It can be more than 1 person.)

What is 1 main difference between you now and that person, or those people?

Again, what is 1 main difference between you now and that person, or those people?

What is it?

Is it about a specific habit? Is it about a skill to learn and master, something they do or don’t, how they interact with people, whom they interact with?

For my own life, that main difference is 100% determination, in other words, persevering, continuing, being constant, being consistent, not quitting, not giving up, no matter what people say, no matter what people think, and despite any obstacle.

Determination in all goals in each area of life; for example reaching and maintaining a specific body fat %, continuing to get an exact amount of ROIs a month, spending a minimum amount of quality time with each of my top 5 relationships, etc.

What’s yours? Please share it with us in the Comments section below!

I also want to invite you to embody, enact this characteristic, every day, for the next 3 weeks, or 21 days, until the next video. So it becomes a habit!

Ready to go for it?

We are and we love you all.

To your success,


Dr. Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power