The Eco-Friendly Link to Stress Reduction

If you’ve ever suffered from high levels of stress, you’ve probably tried many different things to manage or reduce your stress.  If you’re someone who is conscious about your environment and what is going near you and your family, then you should know about the natural and eco-friendly products that can contribute to stress reduction.

Aromatherapy is one alternative therapy that has reported some success with stress reduction. Some scents are naturally linked to a more calm state, bringing about the reduction of stress; such as lavender, citrus and patchouli. If you want to ensure that your aromatherapy products are eco-friendly, look for oils that are fair trade, organic and do not use any animal products. Along with aromatherapy oils, you may like to try scented soy candles for some natural stress relief.


Many of the cleaning products commonly used in households and offices are full of chemicals that are toxic to humans and animals. Even if you are not breathing in the fumes, you may ingest harmful chemicals through your skin. Many of these chemicals have been linked to organ damage and stress so if that concerns you, you may want to clean up your immediate environment! There are many simple, chemical-free cleaning products that clean just as well if not better than the chemical alternatives. For example, baking soda and vinegar are effective for cleaning many surfaces and there are numerous cleaning products made from natural ingredients such as citrus oils. Check again for fair trade and organically sourced ingredients in your products. Not only will you be saving your own health, but you will be contributing to the environment by not flushing harmful chemicals into the eco-system.

If you work in an environment where chemical products are used, try bringing in some plants to help clear the air. Plants naturally clear the air of toxins and chemicals, reducing stress and contributing to your well-being. Recommended plants include the Chinese Evergreen and Arrowhead Vine. Test subjects experienced a drop in systolic blood pressure when those plants were present.

Another suggested eco-friendly solution is to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Gardening can be therapeutic and relaxing, while if you grow your own produce, you can ensure that it is organic and free of toxins.  There are a few ways in which gardening is said to help you reduce stress; one of these is being out in the sunlight. Sunlight is proven to improve your mood and is a source of vitamin D. The fresh air that goes with it is also good for your health.

Another reason in favour of gardening is that it helps you to be in touch with nature. Getting outdoors and experiencing nature is a good way to remove yourself from the stressors of everyday life. Many people also enjoy the creative side of gardening; creating beauty and successfully growing your own patch in which you can meditate is a relaxing activity.

There are many eco-friendly solutions to stress which you can explore, you may even feel better knowing that you are doing something to improve the environment. Try some out and see how you feel!