The Power of CEO Space / Il Potere dello Spazio CEO

Have you ever taken up the opportunity to workshop with a group of like-minded people in a setting that encourages problem-solving and creativity? The power that can be unleashed in these situations where ideas are free to flow and new perspectives are offered can be of huge benefit to any participants. One place that provides such a platform for CEOs is CEO Space.

CEO Space is one of those limited-number opportunities that comes around only a few times each year and is often sold-out far in advance. They hold 5 annual CEO retreat weeks per year where a team of leading Fortune 500 Coaches provide lessons and team coaching all throughout the day. CEO Space also represents a fertile ground for networking among participants as well as opportunities for cross-mentorship.

Of course we all want to know about results! Participants in CEO Space have reported that they often achieve more in their one week there than is achieved in a whole year outside of the CEO Space environment. Here are some of the benefits that participants have revealed:

  • Peak performance results from team members.
  • Expediting of implementation and growth.
  • Acceleration of income.
  • Refresher of MBA skills.
  • Imparting of critical skills to team members.
  • Developing or adding to a powerful network.
  • Creating a powerful business plan.
  • Finding clarity of purpose.

The goal of each retreat week is to ‘lower the cost and time to complete near-term planning objectives’.

Apart from the CEO retreat week’s sessions, CEO Space membership offers retreat participants the opportunity for Continuing Education credits in many disciplines. This is a great opportunity to get those credits in a conducive environment!

CEO Space offers lifetime-membership for a one-time tuition fee, which they will even refund if you’re not happy! That means that if your business could do with a boost, you really have nothing to lose. Check out their website for some great free trainings and the opportunity of a free coaching session so that you can decide whether or not it is for you…





Forward-thinking business owners (and athletes) usually seek the best coaches possible.


It is my pleasure to let you know about a unique business-growth conference that is in its third decade of growing businesses — including start-ups and those in early stages as well as businesses earning major revenue or making losses — even through recessions and difficult economic times such as Italy is facing.


CEO Space, the Business-Growth Conference, is recommended by Forbes – one of the top business magazines in the U.S. – as a “must-attend conference for entrepreneurs”.

CEO Space is a week-long experience where you learn leading-edge information from some of the top business leaders, mentors and trainers in the world … including those hired by billion-euro enterprises. Attending a CEO Space conference is like installing the latest business-operating software into your mind.


Subjects range from public relations, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, HR issues, successful methods to increase sales, TV advertising, product positioning, branding, legal compliance issues, and many others … most of which apply across cultures. In addition, a large part of every conference is devoted to raising capital privately – not from banks — and to selling your business – all presented especially for CEOs and for owners of businesses of all sizes.


At CEO Space, you will also meet potential investors as well as business leaders seeking investment.


In addition to the training you will experience, you will also have many opportunities to dine with the faculty as well as the other members of the conference.


One of the primary benefits of CEO Space conferences is the ability to network with those faculty members – your coaches —  as well as with fellow business owners. And through these conversations often emerge alliances and partnerships, opportunities for diversification, new business ventures and support from others who share your goals. In addition, by applying the accelerated networking methods pioneered at CEO Space, you will gain more referrals for clients or collaborators than you ever thought imaginable.


CEO Space is a place where you can accomplish your goals, on site at the conference – all in a culture of cooperation and collaboration, not competition.


All CEO Space conferences are held five times a year at a no-smoking, no-gambling resort in suburban Las Vegas USA, and all sessions are in English. When the first large group of executives attends from Italy, the conference managers will arrange for simultaneous interpreters to facilitate your understanding.


If I do not hear from in about a week, we shall follow up with you to explore how you can use the resources available through CEO Space to advance your business.



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