The Power of Intentions


Are you familiar with “The Power Of Intentions”?

We create and manifest our reality, consciously or unconsciously.
Has it ever happened to you that you wanted something so much but deep inside you didn’t believe that it could be yours and, therefore, it hasn’t happened?

We can manifest consciously, so we feel powerful, versus feeling dependent on luck, or any external factor.

Here are 9 tools to help you manifest the life and career that you want!


  1. Have a vision.
    You need to know exactly where you wish to go.
    Once you have a direction, your mind will align your actions towards your goal/vision.
  2. Have a strong desire in order to energize your vision.
    Dare to dream and think big, and it will help you to literally fuel your vision.
  3. Have a clear intention.
    Manifestation requires being focused on what you want. Intention gives a clear direction to your desire. Every dream needs a certain amount of energy to manifest in a physical reality. This is where focus and intention play a major role
  4. Develop an unflappable belief.
    Disbelief blocks manifestation.
  5. Accept your belief and that it’s true for yourself and you can have it.
    Accept that it’s already yours. Surrender to your desire and fully accept it in your life. Accept that this is what you want and that you want to have it.
  6. Take an aligned action.
    Align your actions with your goal. In order to ground the energy, do what you would be doing in the case when you’d be certain that it’s already yours.
  7. Detachment.
    We like to control things in our life because we’re afraid that if we don’t control them, then they would not happen. By letting go of when and how, you show that you believe that it is already yours. Because only he who is certain of the outcome can afford to wait.
  8. Support yourself.
    Reality just reflects back to you your own support. So, if you feel like the Universe has forgotten you and your dreams, then look at the way you can and will support your dreams.
  9. Be as clear as a laser beam.
    Laser beam is 100% focused on one goal with all its energy and purity.
    We have to be certain, just as the laser beam is.

What are your intentions?

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