There is so much we can do right now…


Dear Fellow Reader,

There is still so much we can do right now, during these times. 

Focus on what’s possible, what you can do. 


  1. Is it getting reorganized in your environment?
  2. More Feng-Shue?
  3. Learning a new skill, such as a new language?
  4. Connecting or reconnecting with someone new or from a long time ago?
  5. Focus on a new investment?
  6. Planning your next getaway?
  7. Take a drive somewhere new?
  8. Camping under the stars in the wilderness?
  9. Check out a new outdoor place like the zoo?
  10. Volunteer at the animal shelter?
  11. Mentor someone?
  12. Have a virtual date?
  13. Research new superfoods and immunity boosters, supplements (vitamins, minerals, probiotics, etc)?
  14. Invest in a tower garden that you can have anywhere, so you will always have enough food, no matter what? Such as:
  15. Look for a new accountability partner? Find one here:
  16. etc?


Pick 1 new activity and share with our community which 1 you are carrying out! 

Stay positive and stay adaptable 🙂


You Have Got The Power!