Time Management Made Easy & Fun


Hello Dear Readers!

Today I have a short video to share with you…

One of the primary issues affecting many of my private coaching clients is poor time management.

Do you also struggle with your time?

Here’s a short video with some helpful tips (and my notes are below)

Time is a resource….just like money, energy and relationships. To be successful in life, you must manage all 4 of these resources.

I know many people feel the need to write down their tasks on a paper calendar, but I prefer to use a digital/electronic solution like Google Calendar.

In the video, I show you how I personally use Google Calendar to better manage my time, including tips like color coding, grouping actions, staying consistent, creating re-occurrences, using alerts, setting-up notifications and creating invites.

Remember, it’s important to stick to the calendar and use it daily. I find it helpful to synchronize the calendar with your smartphones, tablets, etc.

And don’t forget about scheduling free or flex time/break pauses in your calendar!!!

Please send me an email and or comment below and let me know how your time management plan for the week + month goes!

To your success!


Dr. Elena Pezzini