True Love

Can you Handle the Truth?

If you are single it is because you chose to be so. What is keeping you from a relationship? What kind of
fear? Consciousness is reasoning and subconsciousness is the emotional mind. There is always a battle

between the two. We are 100% controlled by emotions. Every choice is about an emotional benefit. We
often don’t move until we see pleasure. We’re judged by what we do, such as our wealth and money.

Move beyond people’s names, titles, and what they do. Define who we are — our identity. You don’t
need to learn anything new. Unlearn all the lies. Create a new belief system. Go back to your pure
potential of freedom of expression and openness to receiving love. “Every relationship begins with me.”
Find yourself and the rest will follow.

Law of Deservedness. You get only what you subconsciously believe you deserve and no more. You
create your own reality. You feel uncomfortable if you get more and sabotage it. We attract mirror
images of ourselves. The darkness is just triggering what exists in you. When you change your inner
belief, your outer beliefs will change. Stop trying to change everyone around you. How hard is it to
change yourself? How can you change someone else?

Happiness =
1. Forgive, love and accept yourself.
2. Forgive, love and accept others.
3. Freedom of expression.

Love thy neighbor as thyself. You will find freedom of expression. Donald Trump doesn’t care about
what people think about his hair. If you are always seeking other’s approval, then you can’t attract a
partner. Don’t change who you are to get the person you want.

You model your relationships:
· From your parents.
· From your relationship to parents.
· The law of deservedness.

Know thy self.

Soul mates – two people who are:
1. Split Apart: I’m only half of myself – I need to find my other half. This is the romantic definition. Male/
female – someone outside of me to make me happy. It is not a good idea.

2. Karmic Partners: The soul is separate to the body. The soul is core essence that leaves your body at
death and enters at conception.

– Love unconditionally because people come into your life to test you. Your greatest teachers are those
who kicked the hell out of you. Your parents are the greatest teachers if you want them to be. Don’t let
anyone steal your dreams.

3. Twin Flames. You made an agreement before you came to this planet. Best friends that support and
encourage each other.

1. Chemistry: MHC – Major Histo Compatibility Complex. This is the DNA imprint of the immune system.
Attraction is the opposite of DNA. It is hard-wired to produce strong offspring, with two opposite
immune systems. It happens through the smell of body odor.

2. Personal: You can be a Talker, Watcher, Doer, and/or Thinker.

3. Values & Beliefs: When you spend a lot of time with someone you bond naturally. Values are core

4. Subconscious modeling is from parents.

5. Life Stage.The Warrior is masculine, a balance of spirit. The Enlightened Warrior serves Women as
they get older. They put value on themselves.

1. Bond, Connection – depending on someone else.

2. Four Levels
· Physical
· Mental
· Spiritual
· Emotional

3. I am challenging you to love unconditionally. Doesn’t have to be someone of the opposite sex.
Doesn’t have to be a life partner. You meet many soul mates on your path. The relationship runs its
course. You have to define your own soul mate. Usually there are five key soul mates in your lifetime.

4. Gender
· You have to be happy in yourself.
· Partners still push each other’s button’s, help each other while working on themselves.
· You could fall in love if you strip away all the bullshit. Then you can experience pure love.

Five Steps to Finding your Ideal Mate
1. Who are you? What are your core values?
2. Ideal list – top 10 things, qualities
3. Deal breakers
4. Give and Be – What can you give to the relationship? What do you want to express?
5. Become ideal – Financially free, good self esteem. You need to get someone with self esteem. You
have to BECOME what you are LOOKING for.

Who are you? You must prioritize…

Helping Others

· Stand in front of a mirror. Say, “I love you” until the doubt goes out. Keep saying it until you start to cry.
· Overpower the self hatred/self loathing.
· God/Universe/Spirit is love – the creative force. What does it take for you to love yourself?
· Do not be stuck with what other people told you about yourself.
· Stop. What can I learn before I move to the next relationship?

Fear & Anxiety
· Get into the feeling.
· Subliminal shift in your belief system.
· I don’t know what a healthy relationship is.
· What would it feel like to be in a health relationship? Shift your focus
· Meditation – soft trance. Who I’m trying to be? How I feel inside will keep expanding. There is pleasure
with opening up.

Influence & Persuasion
· Understanding needs, wants and desires.

Thank you.

Dr. Elena Pezzini
You Have Got The Power, Inc.
You Got The Power, non profit organization
Strategic Internet Psychology
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