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Meeting of the Minds and the Hearts

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from 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM (USA PST)

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The laser focus topic this month is:

New Mind Power Tools
for this Year!

Who are the Power Hosts?

Elena Pezzini, PhD

Dynamic, motivating Master-level Coach, and PhD in Organizational Psychology, who empowers and guides clients to achieve their business and financial goals. Coach hundreds of thousands CEOs of Fortune 100 companies and celebrities.

What you will get out of the mastermind:


“Wow, I love these masterminds.
The caliber of the participants is very high. Thanks to them, I quintupled my passive income!“
Hiro Tahara
Fortune Company Executive
“I have been in mastermind groups for 1/2 my life. This is 1 of the best groups in existence.
I owe my success to masterminds“
Chiara Rodoni
TV producer
“These masterminds are like the rolodex for best contacts, best friends, best circle of influence, and best networking“
Dr. Duarte

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*NO credit card is required - The Session is FREE

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