Unlocking the Mistery

The Combination Lock

There are 6 Internal Values you need to clarify with yourself to unlock that Flow of Wealth.

Would you like to discover them?

So, here they are:

The first value is PASSION. Passion in what you are doing now and in what you will do in the future. In every specific area of you Life: Business, Relations, Family etc..

I will discuss the second value now because it is the 2nd part of the CORE values you have
inside of you. The other values are the ones that need cultivation, organization and focus.

Your Talent is what you are naturally good at. Are you good with people or more comfortable
with spreadsheets and numbers? Are you Creative with your ‘head in the clouds’ or do you
have you feet firmly ‘on the ground’? Writing about this reminds me of the answering machine
message I used to have on my home phone –

“Hi, I’m sorry I’m not in right now. By the way, this is a questioning machine not an answering
machine. “Who are you and what do you want?“. If you don’t know the answer to these
questions, don’t worry, neither do 95% people on this planet!”

Over the last five years I have been sharing the concept of FLOW with many people, and I
usually do it in the form of questions.

The 6 questions you must answer to get your life into Flow:

1. What are you Passionate about AND are you living it now?

2. What is your natural talent at and are you using it? This is your “Wealth PROFILE”

3. How are you Investing your TIME – IN the area of your Passions and Talents? Anything
else may be a waste of your time

4. Who’s in your Network? Who’s supporting you and who are you supporting? Who are your
peers, advocates, financiers, supporters, dream-stealers, etc? Your Network will determine your
Net Worth.

5. How are you investing in you Character? Are you trustworthy?

Do you do what you said you would do when you said you would do it? If yes, then others will
offer you opportunities. If no, then…

6. What is your PURPOSE? Why do you do what you do? What’s your gift to share? Do you
add value to yourself? Others? Our Planet?

At least 95% of people will leave this planet without answering these questions or taking the
action to achieve them and will fail to find their FLOW. (and therefore their wealth).

So, go on, tell us – what are the answers to your 6 questions. Wouldn’t it be great to THINK
and SHARE these very important questions? I look forward to reading your comments in the

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.”

Keep going with your Money Management system and your Wealth Conditioning system. Ask us if you missed them or don’t have them. These Habits and Strategies are extremely important – they are part of finding your flow

Get ready to water your ‘seeds’ and until we talk next,