Nousha Behbahanian, Vancouver, BC, Canada – March 2007

Nousha Behbahanian, Vancouver, BC, Canada – March 2007
“You are such a great coach, always so encouraging and seeing celebrations everywhere! I love it! WOW!!!! You are A GORGEOUS GODDESS!!!! Successful, intelligent and radiant! I feel blessed to have you as my coach! I appreciate being able to email you and being heard as much as needed, Thanks for all your help, insights and ideas Elena! The success I have enjoyed is to experience a calm, centered, peaceful, trusting, knowing yet focused state of being. I have made progress in balancing all the important elements such as relationship, career, family, finances, social and recreation time to experience a life overflowing with love, joy, creativity and gratitude. As I continue to experience this state of being and shine my light, I inspire and illuminate others. I have contributed to the community by inspiring my friends and family to improve the quality of their health and wealth. I have discovered a vehicle to help me spread my vision. Love,” Nousha Behbahanian.