Wealth storage

Recall the Process of Manifestation. Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, and actions lead to results.


Everything begins with your thoughts, which are produced by your mind.


Were you given the manual on how your mind works, and did you read it? Isn’t it amazing that our mind is pretty much the basis for our life and yet most of us don’t know how to use it properly?


Metaphorically, your mind is nothing more than a big file cabinet. In every situation, you go to the files of your mind to determine how to respond. If you are presented with a financial opportunity you automatically go to the file labelled money and from there decide what to do. The only thoughts you can have about money will be what are stored in your money file.


You decide based on what you think is logical, sensible, and appropriate for you at the time. You make what you think is the right choice. The problem, however, is that your right choice may not be a successful choice. In fact, what makes perfect sense to you may consistently produce perfectly poor results.


When it comes to money, wouldn’t it be incredible if you could inherently think how rich people think? Well you can!


Rich people think differently then poor and middle-class people – in pretty much all facets of life.


During the course of this blog, we’re going to install seventeen alternative “wealth files” into your mind.


With new files come new choices.


Wealth Principle: You can choose to think in ways that will support you in your happiness and success instead of ways that don’t.


It is imperative you put each file into action in your life as quickly as possible so that the knowledge can move to a physical, cellular level and create lasting and permanent change.


We are creatures of Habit. What most people don’t realise is that there are two kinds of habits: doing habits and not-doing habits.


If you are truly serious about success, prove it, and do the actions suggested.

Wealth File #1

Rich people believe “I create my life.”

Poor people believe “Life happens to me.”

If you want to create wealth, it is imperative you believe you are at the steering wheel of your life, especially your financial life.


You have to believe that you are the one who creates your success, that you are the one who creates your mediocrity, and that you are the one creating your struggle around money and success. Consciously or unconsciously, it’s still you.


Wealth Principle: There is no such thing as a really rich victim


Dr Buckminster Fuller, one of the greatest minds of the 20th Century, talked about below the line communication in playing the victim role and the damage it does.


How can you tell when people are playing the victim? When you hear Blaming, Justifying or Complaining.


Victims blame the economy, the government, the stock market, their broker, their employer, etc.


If not blaming then you often find them justifying or rationalising their situation by saying something like “Money’s not really important.”


Anybody who says this is broke – pure and simple.


Wealth Principle: Money is extremely important in areas in which it works, and extremely unimportant in the areas in which it doesn’t.


Finally, complaining is the absolute worst possible thing you could do for your health or your wealth. Why? Because the Universal Law of Expansion says what you focus on expands. When you are complaining you are attracting more of THAT into your life!


Wealth Principle: When you are complaining, you become a living, breathing, “crap magnet.”

From now on, as you hear yourself disastrously blaming, justifying or complaining, cease and desist immediately. Remind yourself that you are creating your life and that at every moment you will be attracting either success or crap into your life. It is imperative you choose your thoughts and words wisely! Think and Speak Responsibly.


It’s time to decide. You can be a victim or you can be rich, but you can’t be both.

Every time you blame, justify or complain, you are slitting your financial throat.


DECLARATION: Place your hand on your heart and say…


“I create the exact level of my financial success!”


Touch your head and say…


“I have a millionaire mind!”




1. Every time you catch yourself blaming, justifying, or complaining, slide your index finger across your neck, as a trigger to remind yourself that you are slitting your financial throat. Once again, even though this gesture may seem a little crude to do to yourself, it’s no cruder than what you’re doing to yourself by blaming, justifying, or complaining, and it will eventually work to alleviate these destructive habits.


At home we add another dimension. Anytime someone is caught blaming, justifying or complaining there is a financial fine.  A dollar is put into the GIVE jar for contribution. We encourage self-responsibility too – even if you think below the line, it’s time to deposit a $. It’s a great way to train yourself to be aware of what you are saying or thinking.


2. Do a “debrief.” At the end of each day, write down one thing that went well and one thing that didn’t. Then write the answer to the following question: “How did I create each of these situations?” If others were involved, ask yourself, “What was my part in creating each of these situations?” This exercise will keep you accountable for your life and make you aware of the strategies that are working for you and the strategies that are not.