What type of Leader are you?


Are you a happy employee or entrepreneur?

Some important researches affirm that 83% of employees are unhappy and want to leave their jobs.

Would you like to improve your leadership skills? 

Workplaces are changing, right in front of us.

Unsatisfied entrepreneurs, generational influences, and the global economy are putting huge stresses on organizations to retain talented employees.

That’s why it is important to be focused on Business Leadership.

Business leadership involves the ability of the management of an organization to achieve goals, act decisively, and stay competitive, while instilling the performance spirit within the organization.

Why Great Leaders are necessary nowadays? 

1: Great leaders inspire growth

They create avenues for team members to learn new approaches, develop new skills, and gain confidence to put those skills into action in the workplace.
Great leaders know that their organization and their global marketplace is constantly changing and evolving.

2: Great leaders honor relationships

They know that positive relationships, based on shared values, create mutual trust and respect in the workplace. They expect the same among team members. They realize that they must effectively manage employees’ heads, hands, and hearts. Most leaders are satisfied with managing employees’ hands (getting stuff done) and sometimes their heads (explaining strategy & goals).
Many employees spend more time at work, than they do with their family or friends. Great leaders act to maintain a safe, inspiring workplace so employees feel honored at work

3: Great leaders inspire excellence

They set clear performance expectations and coach team members to exceed them. High standards consistently met help focus the team’s contributions to the company and to their customers. Great leaders know that the organization rightfully expects leaders to ensure goal standards are consistently met. Hitting or exceeding standards means the team has kept its delivery promises and commitments. Great leaders can’t demand performance, they must inspire it, every day

4: Great leaders ensure accountability

They know that consequence management is the avenue to high performing, values-aligned teams. They praise and encourage progress & accomplishment of both goals and valued behaviours. They redirect and, if needed, reprimand values mis-aligned behaviours and/or missed performance standards. Great leaders know that their organization rightfully expects that they and their team will exceed goal standards, while demonstrating the organization’s values day in and day out. They are only able to inspire their teams to high performance and values alignment when a combination of joint accountability and individual accountability exists.

5: Great leaders spur teamwork

They know that cooperative interaction among team members maintains trust and respect more than competitive interaction does. They create norms that enable sharing of information, skills, and support across their team. Great leaders hold teams and team members to high standards, not just for performance but for citizenship, as well. Only when values like cooperation, “win as one team”, and continuous team improvement are measured, monitored and rewarded will team success be as important as individual success.