Why Should You Hire a Life Coach?

Are you wondering how you can hit ‘next level’ in your life? Perhaps you have big dreams and don’t know where to start, or perhaps you’re simply looking for direction overall. The fact is, no matter how ‘together’ a person appears to be, all of us could do with coach, mentor or even just an impartial opinion at some point. So, why should you hire a Life Coach? Here are a few points…

Why Should YouIdentify Your Direction

While we all desire certain things out of life, simply having desire does not mean that we are in a position to take action. If you don’t have clarity over your ‘reason why’, you will probably stall at the crossroads wondering which direction to take! This is where a Life Coach can really help – you need to determine what matters to you the most and in which order of importance. Accredited Life Coaches have received special training to allow them to help you assess your options, discover what you really love and focus on what you truly want to do. It’s about setting goals and a direction that fit in with your personal values.

Create Balance

This is another one that comes back to those priorities and action steps – we often have periods of time where it seems that all of our energy is going into one or two areas (work is a big one!) while big parts of our life are left neglected. A Life Coach can help you to round out each area of your life and develop a plan to achieve balance. The thing is, it is not generally sustainable to carry on with your energies unbalanced – neglecting your home life for example can have a flow-on effect to your work life anyway. The advantage of having the assistance of a Life Coach is that they are able to take that step back and challenge you to think about your priorities.


Carol Kaufmann, assistant clinical professor at Harvard Medical School and founder of the Institute of Coaching puts it this way when discussing the difference between therapy and coaching: “The difference is that in therapy you follow the trail of tears with a goal of healing. As a side-effect, people’s levels of function and job satisfaction go up. In coaching, you follow the trail of dreams with the goal of igniting the person to be their best. As a side-effect some kind of healing can happen.”


A Life Coach provides you with that person who is not afraid to be direct with you and to hold you accountable for getting done what you said you would. Studies done on goal setting and achievement have revealed that those who told others, especially those who used someone such as an accountability partner or Life Coach, completed nearly double the goals of those who did not talk to others about them.

Are you ready to be ‘next-level’? Could you use some direction, clarity or accountability? Finding a Life Coach to help guide you there just may be the thing to boost your success!

Have you achieved great results through coaching? Let us know about your experience in the comments…