You’ve Just Been Elected President!

Dear President of your own Community,

What will you do to have a positive impact on this world now?

I know some US citizens were shocked by the outcome of the recent US election. We all are filled with a wide range of emotions.

As I sit here and wonder how this will impact me and those I love, including all of you, I came to the realization that each 1 of us has the power to be a “President” in our own communities.

Each of us has the power to make our own economy and world stronger and better with each action we take everyday.


For instance, helping a senior citizen cross the street or carry their groceries.

Picking up someone that fell down (I am the 1 who fell last night).

Donating your time or services to someone that cannot afford them.

Calling out to someone who’s crying.

Helping a stray animal that’s limping.

There are literally thousands of opportunities every single day to change the world with a tiny, random act of kindness.


So what will you do to make a positive impact? Please leave your Comments below!

Wishing you peace, unity and love always,


P.S. Yesterday was Veteran’s day in the United States. Even if some of us don’t agree with wars and military actions, we can (in our own way) honor those who have sacrificed everything, by doing something, that they believed would better the world.

Thank you to all Veterans who have served, and to those that made the ultimate sacrifice!