World VIP Coaching


Your Powerful Life Is Waiting For You! Give Your Life The Improvement It Deserves

Join Dr. Elena Pezzini and Rich Coach University’s Coaches For A One-Of-A-Kind Program, 

That Helps You Design Your Life And Accelerate Your Success!

World VIP Coaching

to Achieve Your Powerful Life

World VIP Coaching is a peerless Program to help you to achieve your Desired Life style.

Increase your speed to your desired success!
Let a Certified Coach guide you to achieve all your goals!

Your coach’s only purpose is to ensure you are happy and successful!

How it works?

Your coach will be with you for up to 60 minutes per Session.
Together, you will decide the strategic path to follow.

Lead by your Professional Coach, you will arrive at your wanted destination!

Each Coaching Session Is Designed for you to gain awareness, clarity & new insights,
and transform you into the person you want to become!

You will schedule sessions with your Coach at a time that works with YOUR calendar.

During these sessions, you’ll be using a 6-steps system to create your powerful life.
Ensuring that your life is balanced and that you also prioritize and progress.

Together with your coach, you will be working on what needs your attention NOW.

Money? Relations? Well-Being?
And why?

You’ll receive coaching on improving the different areas of your life.

Why do all Top Achievers and Performers have Coaches?

Because coaching works!

Top performers understand the importance of having, at their side, someone who supports them, pushing them and giving them feedback on what’s going on in their life.
And guess what…we, humans, are all the same!

It is human nature to be a little lazy, without accountability.

Also, it’s hard to see yourself;
a coach is your mirror, that reflects back to you and shines the light onto your path, and that keeps you focused on your target.

During World VIP Coaching,
you will work on
All Areas of Life

When one life area improves, all the other areas benefit from it

So What Investment To Receive This Powerful Personalized Coaching Program?

The Master Coaches, who are also Scientists, and Doctors, coach Hollywood Celebrities and Fortune 100 and Companies Executives.

Each coaching client pays them an average of $2,000.00 a month.

Because the Coaches now coach because they want to, to improve as many lives as possible.

We are committed to the “You Have Got The Power” company’s MISSION and VISION to fulfill.

Are you committed?

For a limited time, here’s a super special package…

What does World VIP Coaching include?


What's the value of World VIP Coaching?

3 Months of Individual Coaching
in Full

$ 475
  • SAVE $ an extra 50
    (compared to the monthly rate)
  • 3 Months of FREE Power Group Coaching
  • Free World Business MasterMind
  • Personal Certified Master Coach
  • 3 Months of Personalized Coaching
  • 2 Special Bonuses

3 Months of Individual
in Easy Installments

$ 175 every Month for 3 Months
  • Personal Certified Master Coach
  • Personalized Coaching
  • 2 Special Bonuses

Special Bonuses

Register for a FREE
"Group Business Coaching" session, on scheduled Monday

from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (USA PST)

*NO credit card is required - The First Session is FREE

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